Autumn 2016: Meiji-jingu Gaien’s Ginkgo Avenue

Visit Date: 11/25/2016 (Best viewing Time: mid November to early December)

The Aoyama Icho Namiki (銀杏並木) or ginkgo tree lined avenue leading towards Meiji-jingu Gaien Park, is just a short walk from Aoyama-Itchome Station. It is one of the most popular autumn viewing spot in Tokyo because this 300 meters long boulevard gets covered with yellow carpet of ginkgo leaves during the season.

Most of the trees may have shed their leaves due to the previous day’s snow fall but some of the trees in the shade were still slightly green.

Beautifully lined avenue.

Despite the cold weather, many visitors flocked the gorgeous avenue.

Most of the fallen leaves have been crushed on the ground.

autumn2016-aoyama-ginkgo-ave04Fallen leaves on the grass, inside the roped area.

Some of the branches have shed most of their leaves.

Some of the ginkgo trees on the other side of the avenue still has green leaves.

Visitors took the opportunity of the closed road to take photographs of the lovely trees.

Not much visitors on the other side of the avenue.

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Nearest Station: Gaienmae Station and Aoyama-Itchome Station
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