Sakura 2016: Showa Kinen Park

Visit Date: 03/31/2016 (Best Time: early to mid April)

Showa Kinen Park is located at the western suburbs of Tokyo, just about 60 minutes away from Tokyo station. The 163 hectares park located in Tachikawa used to be a Japanese military airbase and part of the airfield was established as a national park in 1983 as part of a project to commemorate the emperor’s Golden Jubilee.

The park has about 1,500 cherry trees located in 2 areas: one is in the Flower Tree Garden which is located to the east of Waterfowl Lake near the Nishi-Tachikawa Gate and the other is to the west of “Open Field”. The latter is the best spot for hanami parties.

Showa_Kinen_Park_01 The cherry trees create a wonderful canopy conducive for picnic and other activities.

Some of the cherry trees closer to the “Open Field” have lower branches and are very nice to look at while picnicking or relaxing.

Showa_Kinen_Park_02 Families and groups gather around the blooming cherry trees.

Showa_Kinen_Park_03 The area is not crowded during weekdays.

There are plenty of activities to do in the park. Bicycles can also be rented which is a fun way to explore the park’s expansive grounds.

Showa_Kinen_Park_04 Visitors cycling around the park and  admiring the blossoming trees.

Showa_Kinen_Park_05 Some of the cherry trees have not yet opened as seen in the middle area of the bank.

Showa_Kinen_Park_06 Lovely cherry flowers are progressively blooming along the dry canal.

Showa_Kinen_Park_07 Colorful Canopy of spring flowers.

Showa_Kinen_Park_08 One of the full-bloom cherry trees on the southwest of the “Open Field”.

Showa_Kinen_Park_09 Capturing the beauty of the cherry blossoms onto the canvas.

Showa_Kinen_Park_09 Reality versus the canvas.

Useful Info:

Contact Info: Address: 3173 Midori-cho Tachikawa City, Tokyo 〒190-0014
Telephone: 042-528-1751
Park Hours:  Jan – Oct: 9:30 to 17:00 | Nov – Dec: 9:30 to 16:30
 Admission: General                                     Groups
Adult: ¥410                               Adult: ¥290
Child (6-15): ¥80                      Child (6-15): ¥50
over 65: ¥210                           over 65: ¥210


Access from Shinjuku to Showa Kinen Park