Bintan is the largest island in the Riau archipelago of Indonesia with a land area of 2,402km². The island prospered as a trading post on the route between China and India due to its strategic location. The island is very close to Singapore which is 45 minutes away by ferry. It has good beaches which made it an ideal place for an international resort facility. And in June 1996, Indonesian President and Singapore Prime Minister launched Bintan Resorts.

Bintan Resorts covers 23,000 hectares of the northern part of the island, constructred with high-end international resorts. Bintan resorts is often assumed as part of Singapore due to its high quality of infrastructures, facilities and security. The establishments are also Singaporean owned. Shops and restaurant prices are quoted in Singapore dollars and not Indonesian rupiah and thus Singapore dollar is usually used as a means of exchange.

Separated from the resorts by checkpoints and guards, the rest of the island illustrate the traditional Indonesian culture with fishing villages, electronics factories, and local style resorts along the East Coast of the island.

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