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Public transportation in Bintan in very limited and the most popular way of getting around is through taxi or vehicle rental. Two-way transfer between the ferry terminal and the hotel is usually provided by the resort. Some tour packages includes transportation to and from the sight you’ll be visiting.



Car Usually costs around 50 – 100 SGD for a day rental depending on the car type.
Scooter Prices are about 35 SGD per day. They will provide renters with a helmet.
Bicycle  Some resorts offer bike rentals for 15 SGD for an hour.



Taxis are available at resorts as well as the ferry terminal. It is advisable though to take hotel recommended taxi to avoid ‘misunderstanding’ or ‘unpleasantness’ in fixing the fare.


Some resorts especially Bintan Resorts provide shuttle buses from the hotel to Pasar Oleh Oleh which is usually available every hour.