Parmigiano Pizzeria Ristorante in Resorts World Manila


Italian Kitchen

Gambero Aglio e Olio d’ Oliva
Quattro Formaggi

Resorts World Manila (RWM) is the first integrated tourist hub in the Philippines which is strategically located in Newport City, just across Terminal 3 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and adjacent to the Villamor Golf Course. Resorts World Manila is branded as Asia’s newest playground and home to 3 hotels, gaming facilities, entertainment spots, a luxury mall and of course different restaurants. It provides a variety of food choices, giving you the best of both local and international cuisines. You can choose from authentic Cantonese, to Japanese-Korean fusion, to mouth-watering steak, or your favorite Filipino dishes. With these many options to choose from, we just can’t decide where to eat. After a several minutes of contemplating, my sister decided that she wanted to eat pasta and thus we ended in Parmigiano Pizzeria Ristorante.

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Pizzeria Baggio: a hidden refuge in the busy street of Roppongi

(from top) salad, quatro formaggi, margherita

Situated behind the busy main street of Roppongi lies Pizzeria Baggio, a small restaurant which is easy to miss if you are not looking for it. The place is very cozy with its 1960s ambiance and with jazz music playing in the background. Equipped with only 10 tables, the place can get very packed during lunch time and only Lunch set is served. The set ranging from ¥1,000 – ¥1,500 comes with a choice of pizza, salad and a coffee or tea. We were lucky to come around 1pm as the crowd had subsided and several seats are available.

We ordered a quatro formaggi (¥1,200) which is one of their most popular pizza and a margherita (¥1,100) set. We immediately started eating as soon as the pizza is served as the appearance and aroma of the pizza is really mouth-watering. Continue reading Pizzeria Baggio: a hidden refuge in the busy street of Roppongi