Autumn 2015: Chureito Pagoda

Visit Date: 11/03/2015 (Best viewing Time: late October to mid November)

The Fujiyoshida Cenotaph Monument also known as Chureito Pagoda (忠霊塔) is a part of the Arakura Sengen Shrine in Fujiyoshida. It was built in 1958 to enshrine about 960 citizens who died in the wars which occurred after 1868. The location offers a great view of the city and Mt. Fuji.

Chureito_Pagoda01 Maple leaves around the pagoda are starting to turn red while most of the cherry leaves have fallen.


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Autumn 2014: Kawaguchiko

Visit Date: 11/01/2014 (Best viewing Time: late October to mid November)

The Fuji Five Lakes (富士五湖, Fujigoko) which consist of Yamada Lake, Saiko Lake, Motosu Lake, Motosu Lake, Shoji Lake, and Kawaguchi Lake is an arc region that lies at the northern foot of Mt. Fuji. The area provides a good spot to view Mt. Fuji from a close distance and it is also one of the best places to enjoy the autumn colors.

During our visit, the autumn colors at Lake Kawaguchiko, which is the most popular and most accessible lake, were at their peak, although still at the early stage. Red, yellow and orange trees surround the lake creating a gorgeous canvas of colors.

Autumn 2014: Kawaguchiko 01 The colorful trees matches the colorful boats on the coast of Lake Kawaguchiko.

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