Bassanova Ramen: TOM YUM + RAMEN = OISHII

Ramen Hunting: I found a cool ramen shop, Bassanova, beside Shindaita station near my lab. It serves a number of fusion dishes including this very interesting tom yum ramen–oh yes, as in the sour and spicy Thai soup dish. The ramen’s tom yum soup was adjusted quite nicely to suit the thin noodles that they used. A pair of fried pork dumplings topped the steaming bowl. Even though it was very spicy, I kept going on with the soup to savor the medley of interesting tastes–the heat of the chillis, the zest of lemon grass and tamarind, the umami of pork broth, etc., etc. Four glasses of cold water later, there was an empty bowl in front of sweaty me. I will come back soon for their green-curry ramen. 

Komaba neighbors ikimashou! 
Bassanova Tomyum Ramen


Store Info:
Address: 東京都世田谷区羽根木1-4-18 (Setagaya-ku, Hanegi 1-4-18)
Phone: 03-3327-4649
Store Hours: Open 6:00pm-1:30am. Closed Sundays.
Google Maps: Bassanova


Kohmen 光麺 a great satisfaction

Kohmen Roppongi

“Cold weather, hot food”! Ramen, a noodle dish with Chinese origin adapted to Japanese taste is surely one of the most popular choice during the cold weather. As we felt the first strike of the cool breeze of autumn, we found ourselves heading to a Kohmen shop in Roppongi. The shop looks small from the outside but it has 36 seats inside with 21 counter seats and 15 table seats. The interior is pleasant, clean and with stylish atmosphere. Staffs also welcome customers with a smile. English menu is also available for non-Japanese speakers so you don’t have to guess what the ramen choices are.

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