Sakura 2017: Koganei Park

Visit Date: 04/08/2017 (Best Time: early to mid April)

Koganei Park (小金井公園) is about 40-60 minutes away from central Tokyo. It has about 1,700 cherry trees and it is considered as one of the best 100 Sakura Spots in Japan

The park provides a wide variety of activities with its children’s park, tennis courts, broad expanse of grass covered fields, archery range, baseball field, steam locomotive display, and a lot more.

The cherry blossoms in the park are already in full bloom and with the forecasted rain showers not happening, visitors flocked the park and enjoyed hanami.

The cloudy day provided a good opportunity for hanami.

The cherry trees outside the gate of the steam locomotive display are almost in full bloom.

Visiots not only visit the park for its cherry blossoms but for its Steam Locomotive display as well.

Beautiful canvas of sakura colors seen from the steam locomotive section.

Section of the Cherry Tree Garden with lesser visitors.

View from the entrance to the Edo Open-air Museum.

This section of the Cherry Tree Garden near the Edo Open -air Museum filled with hanami goers.

Pink-white cherry blossoms in contrast with the green-mossed trees.

The entrance of the Edo Open-Air Museum lined with gorgeous pink blooms.

Canopy of cherry trees.

Useful Info:
Park Name: Koganei Park (小金井公園 Koganei Kōen)
Address: Sakura-cho 3-chome, Sekino-cho 1/ 2-chome, Koganei City; Hana-Koganei-Minami-cho 3-chome, Kodaira City; Mukodai 6-chome, Nishi-Tokyo City; Sakurazutsumi 3-chome, Musashino City

Contact Information: Koganei Park Administration Office
Inquiries: 042-385-5611
Address: 1-13-1 Sekino-cho, Koganei-shi 184-0001

– Koganei-Koen-Nishiguchi bus stop on Seibu Bus from Musashi Koganei Station
– Edo-Tokyo-Tatemonoen-mae, Koganei-Koen-mae or Sports-Center-mae bus stops on Kanto Bus from Musashi Koganei Station
– about 30 minutes walk from Koganei Station