Hike: Rocky Point Loop Trail

Rocky Point Loop Trail is a 2.4 mile trail located in Hartshorne Woods Park in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. Hartshorne Woods Park has over 14 miles of extensive trails with scenic views.

Hartshorne Woods Park has variety of terrain which makes it a popular park for hikers, bicyclists and outdoor enthusiasts.

The trail circles the Rocky Point area of the park. It goes to an unpaved path along the edge of the area.

Hartshorne Woods Park is divided into three areas: Buttermilk Valley, Monmouth Hills, and Rocky Point.

A sign post leading to a dirt path marks the start of the trail about 100 feet from the paved park service road located at the northeast end of the parking lot.

A black diamond was designated to this path indicating that it is rated as “challenging”, however this rate is more for bicyclist. As for hikers, the trail is more of a moderate difficulty.

The trail also provides some elevation changes, which provides a good workout, with some winding paths and dense vegetation.

Tight portion of the trail with tall grasses.

Some parts of the trail also allows hikers peaking views of the rivers and peninsula.

A small bridge located just a few meters from the start of the trail.

The trail also provides a walk through the forest which allows hikers to see various flora and fauna.

The canopy provided by the trees allows hikers to walk under the shade.

It also has several lookout points with picnic tables and benches which is a good place to take a break while looking at the Shrewsbury and Navesink rivers.

The trail ends up at a 6-way intersection with Command Loop and Grand Tour. Hikers should take the paved service road on the east following the sign for Battery Loop which leads back to the parking lot.

Rocky Point Loop Trail