Restaurante José Maria, an excellent meson in Segovia

Meson de Jose Maria 01Cuisine

Castilian-Leonese cuisine (Spanish cuisine)

Esparragos Trigueros …………………… 14,09 €
Cochinillo Asado …………………………. 22,73 €
Ensalada del Tiempo …………………….   5,45 €
Tinto “Autor” Jose Maria ………………… 16,63 €
Cafes e Infusiones ……………………….   1,81 €


Meson de Jose Maria 02Restaurante José Maria is located near the Plaza Mayor of Segovia, a city which was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985 and is situated 50 miles from Madrid. The restaurant is owned by Jose Maria Ruiz Benito, one of the pioneer in Segovian cuisine that ensures a balance between tradition and innovations to the taste today’s dishes.

The cochinillo is considered by José Maria as the banner of his gastronomic and cultural heritage in Segovia. His continuing concern about the quality of the product ensures that at each table having this dish is presented with the most unique and authentic roasted suckling pig in Segovia. The restaurant is very popular and highly recommended even by the locals so we decided to try it for lunch.

Crab & Shrimp bisqueThe restaurant has a reputation of getting packed during peak hours so we decided to come early. We were greeted by polite and smiling staff when we entered the restaurant and we were provided with an English menu so we did not have a hard time choosing our dishes. As we waited for our orders, we were also served with a complimentary crab and shrimp bisque with bread. The bisque is good, you can really taste the richness of the crab and shrimp and the  bread is warm and crunchy.

Esparragos TriguerosThe grilled asparagus with smoked salmon was served even before we finished the bisque. The asparagus and the eggplant are perfectly cooked, it is crunchy but not raw. The salmon however is a bit salty but the saltiness gets balanced when you eat it together with the vegetables.

CochinilloThe salad was served a few minutes after we finished the appetizers. We were thrilled when the staff brought out a full roasted suckling pig and sliced it in front of the guests using a white dinner plate. This just shows that the meat and even the pig’s bones are very tender. Most of the guests are taking photos and videos while the staff are slicing and serving the suckling pig. The cochinillo’s skin is very crispy and the meat is really tender and juicy but the salt content was rather high, which seems to be common though in most of the Spanish dishes that we tried. I must say that the salad with it’s balsamic vinegar sauce complimented the taste of the roasted suckling pig.

vino & aguaI am not a fan of red wine but I could say that the red wine is also good and it really goes well with the meat. Unlike other red wine that I tasted, the Tinto “Autor” Jose Maria is not bitter or strong, it is smooth and light. You won’t even notice that your glass is already empty.

Over-all, our dining experience in Restaurante Jose Maria is incredible. The menu was extensive and authentic and the food was really satisfying from start to finish – from appetizers to coffee. The service is pleasant and quick with the staff who were warm and gracious. They were very attentive without being intrusive. The food maybe more expensive that regular restaurants – we paid 99.36 € for the above mentioned dishes but it was worth it and definitely a memorable experience.

Address: Chronicler Lecea, 11 (next to Plaza Mayor) 40001 Segovia, Spain

Tel: +34 921 461 111 | +34 921 466 017
Fax: +34 921 46 61 29

Dinning Hours:
Lunch: 13:00 to 16:00
Dinner: 20:00 to 23:30

Lunch: 13:00 to 16:00
Dinner: 20:00 to 24:00

*It is best to make a reservation either by phone or email prior to your visit as the restaurant can get packed during peak hours.