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Here are some tips that you may find useful for your Niijima trip.


What to bring

  1. Sunblock
    – Put on sunblock both on face and body even if you are not swimming. Since the island is a bit windy, you can easily get tan/sunburned.
  2. Insect Repellant
    – Bring insect repellant as there are a lot of insects in the island like mosquitoes (especially for campers).
  3. Raincoat and/or bag cover
    – More applicable for people who will go for hiking. Niijima has a very unpredictable weather. It maybe very sunny at first but then the rain will suddenly pour.
  4. Portable Lights
    – More applicable for campers. It is better to have lights inside the tent.


Other Tips:

  • For campers, there are 2 options when setting-up  the tent.
    1) Setting-up tent in the grassy area. Ensure that the tent is properly and strongly anchored to the ground to prevent it from being carried away by the strong wind. Less insects on this area.
    2) Setting-up tent under the shade of the trees. This area is good to keep the tent from strong winds but this area is made up of soil and can get muddy when it rains. You may get a lot more insects, though.
  • Use floaters/lifebuoy when swimming.
    Beaches may have a lot of waves and this will prevent you from being washed away by the waves.
  • Bring a change of clothes when going to the (Yunohama) onsen.
    It feels more refreshing when you change to dry clothes after a good hot bath.