Autumn 2015: Chureito Pagoda

Visit Date: 11/03/2015 (Best viewing Time: late October to mid November)

The Fujiyoshida Cenotaph Monument also known as Chureito Pagoda (忠霊塔) is a part of the Arakura Sengen Shrine in Fujiyoshida. It was built in 1958 to enshrine about 960 citizens who died in the wars which occurred after 1868. The location offers a great view of the city and Mt. Fuji.

Chureito_Pagoda01 Maple leaves around the pagoda are starting to turn red while most of the cherry leaves have fallen.


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Japan Flower Festival 2015

The spring season in Japan means it is the time for flower viewing. Here are some of the flower festivals held in the country.

Hitachi Seaside Park Flowering 2015Hitachi Seaside Park Flowering 2015
March 21 to May 17, 2015

The 190 hectares park features variety of plants and flowers all year round making it a good destination not only during spring but the rest of the seasons.

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Fuji Shibazakura Festival 2014

The Shibazakura Matsuri or moss phlox festival at Lake Motosuko is one of the most popular event in Japan. About 800,000 five-petaled moss phlox of more than six varieties bloom in the vast field creating a beautiful bright floral carpet under the foot of Mt.Fuji. These shibazakuras grow in white, fluorescent pink, red, rose pink, deep mauve, and pink-and-white candy stripe.

Along the flowers, there are food stalls, Japanese tea, foot bath, and photo souvenir areas available for visitors. Fuji Shibazakura Festival special frame post stamps, post cards and stamps are also sold in the post office.

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