Fujisan_01 Mount Fuji (富士山 Fujisan) is an active stratovolcano which last erupted in 1708. It is the highest and most prominent mountain in Japan which stands at 3,776.24 meters or 12,389 feet. It is located on the border between Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures on Honshu island which is about 100 kilometers southwest of Tokyo. Continue Reading

HanabiHanabi Matsuri or Firework Festivals are held all over Japan during the summer season. The firework displays give color to the night sky and the festivals create a lively atmosphere which attract local and foreign enthusiasts. Most Japanese men and women attend this event wearing the traditional yukata, summer kimono or jinbei.

Below is a list of some of the 2016 Hanabi schedule:

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Summer is here and what could be the best way to cool off the summer heat than to  go swimming and enjoy the water. Fortunately, Tokyo offers abundant water parks where family and friends can go for a refreshingly cool getaways. Here are some of the water parks accessible from central Tokyo:

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