Summer is here and what could be the best way to cool off the summer heat than to  go swimming and enjoy the water. Fortunately, Tokyo offers abundant water parks where family and friends can go for a refreshingly cool getaways. Here are some of the water parks accessible from central Tokyo:

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Niijima 01Summer in Japan is hot and humid and most people find it stuffy and suffocating. With this kind of weather, most people take this time to travel to places with higher elevations or to go to the islands and mountains. This year we took the opportunity to visit Niijima again and we included a side trip to the neighboring Shikinejima as well.

Niijima 02Niijima

Niijima is the fourth largest of the Izu Seven islands administered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.  It is an archipelago in the Philippine Sea which is about 163km south of Tokyo. The island is a popular place for surfers but it is also a perfect place for a relaxing holiday. Other outdoor activities include camping, trekking, fishing, bird watching, swimming, cycling, sightseeing and hot spring bathing.

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