Breathtaking Niijima 新島

Gorelovo Summer in Japan generally falls on the months of June, July, and August and extends up to early September. Summer months can be hot and humid with temperature ranging from 30-40 ℃. Most people take advantage of the warmer temperature spending more time outdoors and traveling to the beach is surely a top pick. And like most of them, we also took this opportunity to have a short get-away from the busy city and enjoy the white sand, clear water, and forested mountains of Niijima.

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Mt. Mitake 御岳山, unspoiled nature near the city

Mitakesan (御岳山) is a 929 meters tall mountain and is considered as the most popular sightseeing spot in the Okutama region, the western most part of Tokyo, Japan.

Musashi-Mitake Shrine located on the mountain’s summit which is believed to have been serving as a center of mountain worship for almost 2000 years.
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